Richmond Lions

About the Richmond Lions

The history of the Richmond Lions RFC is derived from the storied origins of the Richmond Rugby Football Club and the Richmond Area Training Side (R.A.T.S.), founded by one of the early members of the Richmond RFC.

In 1995 the two clubs merged to form Richmond United. Moving forward towards the goal of gaining more recognition and establishing a brand, in 2004 United became known as the Richmond Lions.

Club Officers

Once a year, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Club elects its Executive Board, which is comprised of eight club officers. The Executive Board is responsible for a wide variety of club issues including: recruitment, sponsorship, communication, events, fields, equipment, apparel, etc.


Ben Morgan

Vice President

Nate Sirota


Ben Goeke

Club Secretary

Chris Knight

Match Secretary

Anthony Greulich


Brooks Crawford

Events Coordinator

Josh Self


Open (Nate Sirota)

Coaching and Player Development

Head Coach

Matt Robinette

Assistant Coach

Ben Morgan


Technical Advisor

Jeremey Frayne

Youth Contact

Stuart Willis